A2billing: The blue Print

A2billing is a product of In a nutshell, A2billing is type of class 4 and class 5 softswitch comprising inline billing exclusively designed for residential and business purpose. Moreover, it is also used in wholesale VoIP services, calling cards and call-back. In addition, A2billing has a usage in telephone number resale.

Moreover, A2billing is absolutely free open source software exclusively designed for Asterisk. It has numerous benefits in providing effective telecom customer management including admin, agent, and customer along with online signup pages. This all comes with flexible inline rating, billing of calls and services in real time.

As aforementioned, the main benefits of A2billing in customer management, like generating the number of pre-paid and post paid customers, flexible account debit, sending the credit limit notification to customers by email, imparting bulk update to customers, and many more. It also provides exclusive VoIP CPE options, including caller ID manipulation, generating flexible VoIP authentication method (username and password, IP Authentication, 5 Plus digit prefix authentication) and many more.

A2billing also supports call-through, calling card and call back services. That includes caller ID authentication, auto provisioning, and PIN authentication. Moreover, it provides multi language support and caller ID delivery. In addition, it gives information on speed dials, follow on calls, last dialed number, and so on.

Let’s threw a light upon Agent interface functionality. This feature following features, supporting the commissioned agents, allocating the different products to different agents, affiliating web based marketing exclusive for on-line signups. Moreover, it bestows agents optional management features so they can keep control over customers. That includes view, create and delete, billing, generating call reports and supporting tickets, managing sign-up accounts, and purchase credit from Admin for creating the top-ups for customers.

After agent interface, the customer interface is equally important. Let’s discover why? Through A2billing customer interface someone can do password management, check call and payment history, managing on-line top ups, receiving invoice payment via online payment provider, rate cards and speed dials, generating double ticket, sending low balance notification through email, editing personal information, ability to view and download recorded conversation. With so many features it is quite beneficial from the consumers’ point of view.

Well, aforementioned was just a brief about three interfaces of A2billing. Stay tuned for our upcoming blogs where we will present insight view of each interface.

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