FreePBX: A Road Map View

FreePBX is an extremely easy to use graphic user interface (GUI) that is used for controlling and managing the highly popular open source telephony software ‘Asterisk’. FreePBX is a result of extreme hard work bestowed by thousands of volunteers. FreePBX is developed gradually with the course of time. So far, FreePBX has been downloaded more than 5,000,000 times. You can gauge the popularity of FreeePBX with aforementioned statistics. And, as per the rough estimate, at present there are more than 5,000,000 FreePBX enabled phone system.

Moreover, FreePBX is a comprehensive solution not only for developers but for the people who are searching an effective business phone system. FreePBX, uses the trac application to sustain the tight integration with SVN activity, Ticket System and Wiki development, If you are still unaware of FreePBX then this is a high time to learn about this highly useful CRM software. Asterisk based PBX is also helpful in making calls by using the SIPStation(TM) unlimited Sip trunks. The service is entirely depends upon FreePBX platform. Same time top rated SIP trunking using the best available VoIP infrastructure is bestowed to the customers. Owing to such unique features working with FreePBX will definitely boost the growth of your business project.

Moreover, if you think you need a training session on FreePBX in order to learn it in an effective way, even then there is a provision for essential training session.  Attending the seminars on FreePBX is a great way to increase the knowledge. Training session will impart you with best technical training on FreePBX Asterisk.

Moreover, FreePBX is quite easy. First of download this small net Installer ISO, and burn it to CD. Boot the system and then reformat it. Once complete you will have a fully functioning FreePBX Distro ready to configure your phones and trunks.

Moreover, FreePBX provides immensely transparent access to its SVN version control repository. That means you will be updated with all changes in real time. Generally, this is implemented before the project and after the project. And, this is available to common view as general release. FreePBX comes with unique bug tracking and feature request. Under this feature request are submitted from users as well as development community. Hence, FreePBX is extremely useful for users.

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