It’s time to say good bye to popular spam filtering and e-mail archiving cloud based product, Postini

Since Google acquired Postini in 2007 to create a more complete Google Apps solution that addresses the information security and compliance issues facing businesses of all sizes, Google has been working towards integrating numerous Postini features directly in Google Apps, such as user policy management; email content filters; archiving, retention and eDiscovery with Google Apps Vault; and many more.

Postini is a service works on cloud computing technology which is largely used to help protect businesses worldwide from malicious internet-based attacks, and help ensure compliance with government, industry, and internal mandates. Postini was founded in year 1999 by the group of California based entrepreneurs.  By the reach of 2004, Postini had become the one of largest data center with the capacity to process approximately 2.5 billion e-mail messages weekly. It was the month of July in the year 2007, when Google officially announced to have a definitive agreement to acquire Postini.  After the Goggle acquisition it was known as ‘Goggle Postini Services’.

Now Google is geared up to turnoff Postini, and transfer Postini subscriber to Goggle Apps. According to statistics, as of now there are more than 26 million Postini subscribers which are going to be affected by this move of Goggle. The large share of Postini users is from big enterprise houses.  Form the mid of October Goggle will start a campaign to inform the user about the change and suggest them to upgrade.  At present Postini works with Microsoft Exchange and Lotus notes.  Gmail was not solicited until now.

However, after the big switch current Postini subscribers will not be bind to use Gmail, instead they can carry on with their at present e-mail security on same prices. Very first endeavor of Google is to successful transition from Postini to Google apps. Goggle is ready to spend ample time in carrying out complete transformation. Goggle is justifying the transition move by stating, we are consolidating the service with Google apps to make e-mail security more reliable on same price.

So far most popular Google Apps is designed to help you manage your business by hosting email, calendar and collaboration services.  However, there is a ‘Goggle Apps Market Place’ utility which offers tons of applications, which are free as well as paid. Now there would be an additional feature of spam filtering and malware guard.

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