Hackers’ nightmare effective ‘Information Security’

The term information Security has evolved drastically with the advancement of technology in recent years. Now, it is quite a wide term to deal with. Information Security denotes an installation of security mechanism to ensure the safety of information and information systems by restricting unauthorized access and unwanted disclosure of information. The layer of security is also implemented to further avoid any disruption, undue modification, perusal, recording, inspection or destruction.

There are various institutions including private and public where data security is a primary concern. The list of such organization includes banks, hospitals, financial bodies, various corporations and so on and so forth. These are places where utmost sensitive information of customers is stored on electronic computers and transmitted over the networks, so the collected information can be accessed at any given time. However, third party leakage to this information can leads to irreparable loss not only to customers but the organization as well. Therefore, it is primary concern of these organizations to implement a layer of security to protect the data.

Let’s further define the key elements of information security which are confidentiality, integrity and availability. Confidentiality is a term largely dealing with prevention of unauthorized access to network either from individuals or systems. Let’s bring in an example of credit or debit card. As soon as the card is swiped the information is channelized into a transaction processing network.

Here the system implements the system confidentiality by encrypting the sensitive information like credit card number. Moreover, it limits the access of sensitive information in database, log files printed receipts so on and so forth. If somehow third party is able to gain the access of credit card number then it leads to security breach.

Another important key element of pertaining to information security is integrity. Largely, integrity means to save the data from unwanted modification. Once the credit card number is transmitted into transaction process network, and if somehow get altered during the transit, then the act will describe as the breach of integrity. Information security mechanism provides enables the message integrity along with the network confidentiality.

The availability of data is best defined by following mentioned example. Suppose, system is down owing to the power cut, any type of hardware failure or during the system up gradation. During this period, high availability information system ensures the availability of data. Ensuring availability also incorporates the possible denial of service attacks or distributed denial of service attack. This includes making the computer or network unavailable for its intended users. In the extreme cases it can leads to indefinite suspension of host attached to internet.

To protect the information is most important. Moreover, when we talk about the business operation then security becomes ethical and legal not from customers’ point of view but from corporate houses as well.

Through, aforementioned blog post I have addressed the basics of Information Security, largely, covering the questions like what it is, and why it is important. Do stay tuned for my upcoming blog to learn about Best available methods to implement the effective Information Security.

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