Network Printer Configuration on Linux via Command Line

CUPS (formerly Common Unix Printing System) provides print server capabilities to Unix like Operating Systems. There are basically two components of CPUS: print spooler (or simultaneous peripheral output on line) and scheduler. CUPS is based on standard network protocol Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) for managing print jobs and queues. Most of the Linux distributions use CUPS as their default printing system including Red Hat starting with Red Hat Linux 9. Today we will complete network printer configuration on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 via command line using CUPS.

vCenter Server 5: Important Installation Tip

This is not a VMware certification exam question but it is good to know if you are working in production environment. I am assuming that you are already familiar with VMware vCenter Server but if not then you can always read the well prepared documentation by VMware.

When you run the VMware vCenter Installer you will see couple of pre-requisite for vCenter Server over right hand side, Microsoft .Net 3.5 SP1 and Windows Installer v4.5.