VMware vSphere: Design Workshop Class

It was the first day of my VMware vSphere: Design Workshop class and I was quite excited to learn the designing stuff, kind of my second step after VCP (VMware Certified Professionals) towards the vSphere Architect role. The class was taught by Patrick Fong trainer from at VMware Singapore and I find him straight forward and nice guy. It’s a slides based training class and one of the good things about that is it covers most of the topics and details, big or small, that are necessary from the VMware’s perspective but it leaves less time to discuss the real life designs and the experiences. I want to see more production designs to talk about and little less theory as VMware has done a great job on white papers, documentation and knowledge base.

Setup Net-SNMP v3 on VMware ESX 4.0

Most enterprises have central monitoring system which is used to monitor pretty much every system/network gear in the infrastructure. In this post we will configure secure user based Net-SNMP v3 Agent on VMware ESX 4.0 so these hosts can also be monitored from the same central monitoring system in a secured manner. If you want to install and configured Net-SNMP v3 on RHEL4 systems then check out my other post. You need to perform these steps as root user so login to ESX 4.0 console as root now.